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Daniatech LabMaster at Food Pilot in Belgium

We are very pleased to announce our collaboration with the Food Pilot in Belgium where we are going to deliver a LabMaster vacuum high shear pilot mixer soon.

The Daniatech LabMaster offers a compact and energy-efficient solution, which is virtually maintenance free.

With this new cooperation, customers from Belgium and abroad will be able to test new recipes and products at the Food Pilot in Belgium. From idea to product, the Food Pilot offers pilot testing and quality analysis of the end product, for a wide range of applications including dairy, food & feed. Food companies can choose support for one, several or all the steps in an innovation process, accompanied as desired by a project-specific package of testing, analysis and advice.

The Daniatech LabMaster will support the Food Pilot in providing their customers with the resources they need to create new, innovative products for the market. The LabMaster enables a quick transition from one application to another. The hygienic design of the LabMaster caters to easy maintenance and a small foot print.

How the LabMaster works

By means of vacuum, the powder is drawn from the funnel into the mixer below liquid level and instantly wetted. The powerful, high shear mixer and scraper agitator generates a controlled vortex in the tank. The combination of vortex and vacuum effectively separates air from the liquid and generates a perfect homogenous dispersion within seconds.