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Rotor - stator high shear mixing technology are used to disperse one phase or ingredient (liquid, solid or gas) into a main continuous phase (liquid). The shear is generated between the rotor and the stator.

The core of the high shear mixing systems from Daniatech is an innovative (patented) rotor – stator configuration where a special closed mixing wheel passes the product through patented slots. This innovative mixing technology was developed in collaboration with Belgian based Packo pumps. In comparison with other available systems on the market Daniatech technology offers major benefits in terms of investment (Capex) and operational cost (Opex):

> Lower investment
> 20 to 40% less energy consumption
> Very limited number of spare parts
> Simple service resulting in higher uptime
> Smaller footprint
> Simple and fast installation
> Low noise level down to 74 dB

Daniatech mixing solutions are mainly applied in hygiene sensitive applications in Dairy, Food & Beverage, Cosmetics & Biotec applications. We offer you a complete range of standardized systems for inline, batch and continuous operation, manual or automatic, for a wide range of capacities backed up by extensive process & application know-how.