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If you are looking for a flexible automatic powder handling solution to increase productivity, quality or waste reduction, robotic automation can be the solution for you.

Besides the fact that robots eliminate the need for non value added manual work and often achieve a fast payback of invested capital robots offer benefits such as high flexibility, speed, repeatability and accuracy.

Robots work 24 hours per day and can operate in extreme environments such as dangerous areas or clean rooms.

A robot system can be very compact hence saving floor space. As a result, robots reduce significantly the operating costs and at the same time increase the production.

Our partner F.lli Sacchi - established at the beginning of the 1900s in Vidigulfo near Milan – is specialized in conveying, dosing, storing, mixing, packaging and palletizing systems for bulk materials, granules and powders. Since 2005 Sacchi has developed and successfully implemented robotic solutions for granules and powders. Their robotic solutions are based on innovative concepts covered by many patents.

They are the undisputable market leader in this field with a few hundred of references globally in different industrial sectors such as food, phama, chemicals and plastic industry.